Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Getting Un-Stuck

What could be more perfect to talk about here than a bunch of women looking to get un-STUCK?

Tonight the latest reality show, Stuck, airs on W. One of my funniest freelancers, Bonnie Staring, stars in this show.

I first met Bonnie through my friend Janine, who has a super fun all-beauty-all-the-time (except when she talks about other important issues like pink umbrellas from H&M and working out) blog. Janine is the former Beauty Editor at Canadian Living, and a few years ago, she received Bonnie's story pitch about her Style by Jury makeover. I LOVED the story and we ran it in Elevate.

Did you follow that? 

Bonnie's funny, articulate and so, so talented, which is why I was so thrilled when she became a regular freelancer for us.

I'm sure all the women are going to have great stories to tell, but of course I'm rooting mostly for Bonnie (although, I suppose, this isn't like Survivor - no one's getting booted off Stuck Island). Anyway, here's her bio:

Bonnie: STUCK in a solitary, sedentary lifestyle
Bonnie, 40, is a quick witted writer living with diabetes. To live a long, happy life, she needs to get active now - but she's a self-professed "gym loser". An only child who now works alone from home, her first hurdle is overcoming the anxiety she feels in a group setting. Haunted by memories of being picked last in gym class, Bonnie’s focused on conquering her fears and achieving significant results.

If you're, like me, running out of reality shows to watch now that The Hills and Fashionista Diaries are over, then we should watch this show and then we can discuss it here afterward -- or head over to Bonnie's blog where she'll hopefully be recapping with all the behind-the-scenes juicy details after each episode!


Janine said...

OMG I remember that! I'm so going to watch! And I'll check out Bonnie's blog, too! Getting unstuck is a universal theme close to my heart, after all...

Bonnie Staring said...

Wow, thanks for the plug Chantel! You're right; no one is getting tossed out of Stuck Island, but there are some...interesting moments ahead. Stay tuned!