Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I have not been working very much...

But I have been working on other things. Such as:

a) My tan. Shame! I know. Haven't I heard of skin cancer? But I have an excuse: Two of my childhood girlfriends and I met for a reunion this weekend and headed to Hockley Valley. Swimming, suntanning, spa-ing and catching up on gossip. This is the perfect getaway if you live in Toronto and want a quiet retreat from the city in just 45 minutes. It's not on a lake, but the outdoor pool was just as cold (but clean!), so really, it's the ideal compromise for cottage country near the city.

b) Writing about the new fall TV lineup for Tribute magazine. Now, I know I'm supposed to be writing fairly about ALL the shows on TV this fall (new, returning, favourites...), but I just have to say HOW CAN I TALK ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE BESIDES 90210??? Especially, when the latest confirmed cast member is Shannen Doherty, as the high-school musical director! I'm trying, but it's difficult.

c) Golfing. If you are a girl and you like to golf (even if you are sucky at it), you should enter charity golf tournaments. For one thing, it's a great way to meet boys, since it's often mostly guys doing it. And, they always have prizes, but since there are few girls, you're almost guaranteed to win in one of the categories (if not for skill, for cutest outfit).

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