Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kitty Party Book Club

The other day one of the members of the Kitty Party Book Club (how cute is this book club's name and why am I not in a book club called the Kitty Party? Actually, mine would be called the Pretty Kitty Book Club and Mr. Baz would be the mascot but nevermind). Anyway, one of the group's members, Deepi, wrote me the loveliest email saying they were reading my book in their book club this month! Hurrah! 

Although I heard from several book clubs last summer, after the book came out (and likely, because they wanted to take advantage of this book club offer!), I haven't heard from many book clubs recently (also because the book club offer is sold out, and would you bother to write to the author whose book you're reading just because you're reading it? I mean, I didn't email Barbara Walters this month to let her know I was reading her memoir, though this is likely because a) I do not know Barbara Walters' email address, b) Babs probably doesn't read her own emails (who has time for that....I do, sadly), and c) Everyone is reading Barbara Walters' memoir so big deal. But for me, it IS a big deal, so thank you Kitty Party members!

The Kitty Party book club was hoping the offer might still be valid, but since the cupcake mixes have been long turned into pretty pink cupcakes, it isn't. But I sent them a little something anyway -- some Dermaglow lip glosses (a favourite of Mara) and some bookmarks. 

Then, they sent me this picture of them at Book Club night. Cute!

Seriously, they could be called the Pretty Kitty Book Club because they're all so pretty! 

Thanks for reading girls!

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