Tuesday, September 2, 2008

School's in!

Can you concentrate on anything today? Seriously.

All I can think of is Brenda and Kelly and the whole new class, Tonight... the season premiere of 90210!!!

I know, I have to keep my expectations low. After all, it's not going to be about Kelly and Brenda and Brandon and Dylan. Although... I feel that the producers are trying to keep some similarities... like isn't Dustin Milligan totally channeling Dylan with his Porsche?

And is it me, or doesn't AnnaLynne McCord's dress remind you of the black dress with the white bow that both Kelly and Brenda wear to the Spring Fling?

I can't wait. The clothes, the shoes, the gossip... even The Hubs (who has already endured nearly the entire original series, which I taped in its entirety when it replayed on TVtropolis a few years ago) is excited. Really. Okay maybe I have to remind him he's excited, but whatever.

This weekend was all about back to school. I love fall, as it's a great chance to make a fresh start, revise those resolutions (like um, going to the gym again, which apparently, I haven't been to ALL summer, but whatever, surely a few laps in the pool count for something, don't they?). Anyway, usually, the whole "back to school" idea is in theory, since I don't actually go to school, but just back to the office and my computer (which, speaking of which, has not arrived. Where is my pink computer?!). But this year, school was not just as a theory, as today, I taught my first class! That's right, I'm now officially a teacher. I even ordered a book (because books are useful!) and it came in the mail addressed to Professor Simmons. (Which is actually quite a stretch given I don't any qualifications to be called a professor...). Anyway, I'm teaching a post-grad magazine writing class at one of the colleges in the city. And I survived Day 1. Phew. Did you know that classrooms don't have chalk boards and chalk anymore? It's true. It's all wipeboards. Which is great because chalk on your butt is a really downer. 

Unfortunately for the students, they're stuck with me, not some hot guy like on 90210. But really, I'm helping them. Because honestly, if this....

... was your teacher (okay straight guys aside), how could you possibly concentrate on anything? See? Much better to be stuck with me.

This weekend, I prepped for going back to school by going to see The House Bunny. Which isn't really about going to class, actually, but about living in a sorority, which is at school...

In other school-ish news, what's going on with Gossip Girl? Am I confused? I was reading Entertainment Weekly and I thought the 2-hour debut was last night but was that only in the US?

If you know, please tell me. And now, back to the countdown. SEVEN HOURS!!!!!


Tammy said...

Well hello there! Where are you teaching? Congratulations - I'm sure the "kids" will love you.
GG was most definitely on last night, although only for an hour, on A-Channel. I'm giving the first episode a B- though, even though there were some cute outfits and Serena had particularly good hair in one scene.
I'm sure CTV will catch-up soon!

Alicia McAuley said...

Congrats on your first day, Chantel! I'm sure your students are going to love you :)

Denise said...

Is that Jennie Garth in the blue??? AIR-brush!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Chantel, you are an awesome teacher, everyone loves you and the class is so much fun=)