Thursday, August 14, 2008

Some summer reading...

It's finally summer, and now there's fall everywhere: back-to-school flyers and all the summer shoes are on the sale rack...and there's nothing cute in my size. It's a sad, sad time. Which is why we have to ignore fall and keep pretending it's summer for at least another month! And how better to do that than with some long weekends, lounging outside, reading.

For the truth-seeker: Audition by Barbara Walters. I have to say, I wasn't going to read this. I've never been a huge Babs fan and the book is monstrous, and seriously, could she have talked any more about the affair in her pre-book-release interviews? But my bookclub picked the book, and so I delved into the 800 (very small font with not much space between the lines) tell-all. 

It was really good. Long, but well, she's had a long life and career, and I can't imagine she's going to be writing another one anytime soon, so it sort of had to be that long just to include all the key details. And the affair? Clearly a marketing tool. I think it's 1.5 pages in its entirety.

To read by the dock: Ex-Cottagers in Love by J.M. Kearns. The Guelphite sets his debut novel at the Canadian cottage of his youth in a story about an overworked LA lawyer and his true love...

For the shoe-a-holic: Shoe Addicts Anonymous & Secrets of a Shoe Addict. Get both and read them while you're painting your toes, or rocking the baby back to sleep.

For the eco-conscious: Shopping for Vintage. Oh sure, it'll cost you a fortune to fill your wardrobe with designers mentioned in this book, but you'll be saving the planet by recycling! There's even a directory of the best stores to shop at in Canada. But Paper Bag Princess isn't listed, which is a bit odd. Nevermind -- the book's adorable and the perfect size for an end table.

Up next: I'm counting the days until Curtis Sittenfeld's American Wife is available, which is not until September 2. 

And then John Green's Paper Towns (with its choose your own cover) comes out October 16. 

Except, that's definitely fall. And I'm not counting down to fall. 


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