Monday, November 24, 2008

Gobble, gobble...

It's almost US Thanksgiving and you know what that means...

Run for your lives, turkeys!

This is why you should travel to another country on your own country's holidays. That way you can save the Holiday Animal!

On Canadian Thanksgiving, I tried to do my part by going to Cape Cod. Because it was not American Thanksgiving, there were no turkeys on menus. Instead, we ate more lobsters than I can count. Okay, I'll count anyway...

First: The lobsters in their swimming pool. Swim Lobsters, Swim!

Sadly, they all didn't get away. And thus, they became...

Lobster ravioli.

Lobster Panini.

Whole lobster with lemon and butter.

Stuffed Lobster.

Lobster Newburg.

Lobster Roll.

Actually, I feel a little bit sad about all the lobsters that died on my trip. But, at least I saved the turkeys! In fact, the turkeys were not worried at all. As we were driving back from the Cape in the dark, my friend suddenly screamed and slammed on the breaks.

I thought for sure she'd just seen an axe murderer and we were all going to die. But instead, on the road was a gaggle (a goggle? a herd? a pack?) of turkeys! Look hard... it's dark out.

Turkey crossing.

Eventually, the turkeys moved to the other side of the road, but it just goes to show how peaceful all the animals are when they know they're not about to be eaten. I mean, you wouldn't see this many turkeys flitting about the day before Canadian Thanksgiving in Canada, would you?

So this weekend, if you are American, I strongly encourage you to flee your country and save the turkeys! Eat chickens! Eat pigs! Eat lobsters!

This weekend, we're kidnapping my American sister-in-law and brother-in-law and bringing them to Quebec for the weekend. Where we will eat frogs' legs, escargot and poutine. Save the turkeys!

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you are too funny!