Thursday, November 27, 2008

100 Notable Books of 2008

Oh how I love a book list. The New York Times has their top 100 Notable books of 2008. A little premature, but not many books are left to debut this year. 

Note: I would agree, these are NOTABLE, not necessarily the BEST books of the year. Otherwise, where is David Sedaris? Malcolm Gladwell? Sophie Kinsella? Emily Giffin? Also the Hubs is reading a book about a guy who was an undercover Hell's Angel. And it's awesome from what I've read. I mean, why not that book? 

Anyway... it is a sad excuse because of all these notables, I've read two. TWO! Sad but true. 

AMERICAN WIFE. By Curtis Sittenfeld. (Random House, $26.) The life of this novel’s heroine — a first lady who comes to realize, at the height of the Iraq war, that she has compromised her youthful ideals — is conspicuously modeled on that of Laura Bush.

BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN. By Charles Bock. (Random House, $25.) This bravura first novel, set against a corruptly compelling Las Vegas landscape, revolves around the disappearance of a surly 12-year-old boy.

How many have you read


Cavan said...

I've read a grand total of zero. I haven't even gone out and purchased any of them. Kinda sad, but I usually end up getting these kind of books a year or two after the fact.

chantelsimmons said...

Oh thank god it's not me. I think buying books a year or two after the fact is brilliant on so many levels, not only because then the book is in paperback, but you can buy it at an indie used bookstore, like my favourite - Elliot's - and feel good about recycling. But also, it's good for authors so that they get more sales, just when they thought everyone had moved on to the latest additions to the new and notable wall.