Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The psychic.

On the weekend, I went to a psychic for the first time. 

She was SO real. Her cat had RED eyes. I'm not even kidding. And it was a Siamese cat and aren't they supposed to have BLUE eyes? 

My two friends and I were sitting at the table together during the readings, so the psychic said that the spirits might get confused and she might say things about one of the other two while reading one of us. Which actually happened. Like when she told me I'd be going on a ski vacation soon (TRUE! And I haven't been on a ski vacation in 10 years, so how could she have guessed that?) but that it would be in Colorado with family (not true - we're going to Quebec), but my friend's family is all in Colorado. 

Then, she said one of our friends was having a baby with the EXACT name of the baby that my other friend is naming the baby that is inside her AT THIS VERY MINUTE, waiting to be born.

She told me I would move into another unit in my building that I've had my eye on for a long time and that it has a bigger terrace and I will love living there. This is EXACTLY what happened five years ago to me, after the Hubs proposed. We moved up seven floors in our building to a suite we'd had our eye on forever. 

She also told me that I've been teaching a class recently. I mean, how could she know that?!

There were some things that I'm not sure are going to come true, though. Like the baby named Mark I'm going to have in 2 years. Oh really? But she said I would have this baby at the same time as someone in my family, and then she told me the name of that person, which is the name of my stepsister! The same stepsister who is getting married this year, so in all likelihood of the way things work in life (I mean, other than me), she WOULD be having a baby in two years. 

Then she also told me the name of a sick relative, which was true. And sad. 

But, she also said I am angry. Am I angry? I don't feel angry! Maybe I'm suppressing it! 

What the psychic did not tell me was that I would lose my mitten this week. If I'd known I was going to lose my mitten, I would've been more careful when taking them off. If you see my mitten, can you let me know? I'm sure he's scared without his twin. 

Maybe I'm supposed to be angry about my lost mitten? But I'm not, I'm just sad. I liked my mitten.

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