Friday, November 14, 2008

Who are Susan and Tony?

Every year my stepmom and dad go to a Halloween party at their friends' house. This year, my stepmom emailed to say they were going as Susan and Tony.

Who? I thought. I know they're Sopranos fans, so I thought maybe Susan was Tony's wife? Clearly, I stopped watching Sopranos in Season 2 and have forgotten all the characters' names.

Of course, Susan and Tony could be Survivor players. The odds that there's a Tony. There was definitely a Susan or two. Remember Trucker Sue? My parents would know if here was also a Tony. They are self-professed "#1 Survivor fans!" They haven't missed a season or an episode. They can tell anyone the rules of any game.

Oh sure, I like to tease them about this. I mean, come on. Survivor? It's like Season 17 or something. It's time to move on. Of course, tell that to them. They're still watching ER. Which means, Susan and Tony could be on ER. I know there was a Doctor Susan, who was on the show, left the show and came back to the show...

Still, it was then that I realized I may make fun, but maybe, I am not cool.

My parents are cooler than me.

I couldn't even bring myself to ask who Susan and Tony were, because clearly, if this couple needs NO last name introduction, they are pop-culture-fabulous and I should know who they are.

I am so lame.

"Sounds great!" I emailed back to my stepmom in response to the costume idea. Then, waited, for days, until they finally figured out how to upload pictures of themselves in costume for me to see.

And then, my dad emailed. Only, instead of the usual pics from his slightly outdated camera, which he has to send one picture at a time because his laptop is so ancient it can't handle anymore than that, I got an email with the subject line:

Check out my great iPhotos!

Not only is my father now in possession of a super sleek MacBook, but also, an iPhone, with which he took the pictures.

He was dressed in a grey suit. My stepmom had a red slinky dress and long black wig on.

I still had no idea who they were, though they looked fantastic!

Thankfully, his email said: Susan and Tony from Dancing with the Stars.

So then I went to hunt for this picture on the information superhighway, and saw all of the costumes Susan wore, and read her daily blog of the schedule and the dances, and was suddenly so sad I had missed this season so far and had absolutely no idea she was even on DWTS.

I then returned to my rock of lame, where I like to hide.


claudia,vm. said...

Edita is the HOTTEST on the show. Her body doesn't quit. Susan though, she's pretty fierce. The only episode I saw was when she got kicked off, and she made a long, teary speech, as if she were accepting the long-awaited Emmy.

vickie said...

"rock of lame." OMG, i love that term!