Wednesday, December 31, 2008

And the winner is...

The Entertaining with Booze contest is officially closed and I have chosen a winner. But, before I tell you who it is, I want to explain how I chose this winner. Because I wanted it to be totally random and fair (and because I cannot at all be trusted to do so), I had to enlist the help of my assistant, Mr. Baz.

And he came up with a brilliant idea, so that I would not cheat.

Here's what we did: First, we took pieces of paper and cut them into squares. Then we wrote the names down of everyone who left a comment on the blog. Then, we wrote down all the names of the people who emailed their entry. (I mostly did this, while Mr. Baz invigilated the process).

Then, we went to Mr. Baz's treat cupboard, which is where he keeps all his snacks that he got from Santa. And we chose a bag of Temptations.

Then, we took one Temptation and put it on top of each square of paper and then folded the paper around the cat treat. Then, I was going to put all the treat papers into a fish bowl filled with water so that Mr. Baz could fish for one, as though each paper-wrapped fish-flavoured Temptation were really little fish...

...but then Mr. Baz reminded me that if we put the papers in water the ink would run and we wouldn't be able to read the winner. So instead, I hid the treat papers around the entire house and let Mr. Baz go to it. And the one he opened first was...


Congratulations, Cavan!

Now, my work is done, but Cavan, your work has just begun. What you need to do is send me an email to chantel (at), telling me who you want the book to be dedicated to or if you want any special message (or just want Ryan & David to write whatever their little boozy brains desire), and your mailing address. Then, Ryan & David will sign the book and their publicist will ship it off to you!

Thanks to:

-Whitecap Books for donating the books for the contest
-Meisner Publicity for arranging everything
-Everyone who entered
-Mr. Baz for randomly choosing a winner
-and of course, Ryan Jennings & David Steele, for writing the most fabulous hostess cookbook ever!

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