Monday, December 29, 2008

Last chance to make your New Year's Resolutions...

Or eat more chocolate. Whichever's easier.

My dad said that if you haven't made your New Year's Resolutions by mid-November, it's too late for you.

Too late? Aren't New Year's Resolutions supposed to start in the New Year? Did I miss a memo?

But then I got to thinking about it, while eating chocolate-covered peanuts from Manitoba Santa that I am addicted to (To be honest, when I got them I wasn't really all that excited because I'm not a huge fan of peanuts and definitely not Glosettes and so I was fairly certain that I would not even eat one single chocolate covered peanut. But then I tried one. And then I realized that I was always thinking of Glosette Peanuts as chocolate-covered peanuts and saying I didn't like them, which is basically like thinking of salmon from a can or crab as the stuff in california maki or burgers from McDonald's and saying you don't like those things either). Anyway, real chocolate-coated peanuts are actually very yum. The package is practically empty, so clearly I do like them alot.

Right, so I got to thinking about the resolutions and maybe it's the fact that you need a bit of time to work yourself into the frame of mind that you're going to be able to conquer the resolution in the New Year, which is why you need to make the resolution back in November? Which, come to think of it, is sort of like the chocolate covered peanuts, because I didn't think I'd eat them but after a few days, I brought myself around to trying one. I mean, come on, they were chocolate after all, and if I have any pre-New Year's Resolutions on the holidays it's to eat as much chocolate as possible. So far so good with that resolution.

Now the only problem is that I'm almost out of chocolate-covered peanuts and the package says they're from The Peanut Shop in Williamsburg, Pennsylvania. I just checked Yahoo Maps and apparently Williamsburg is 701 miles away. Or 11 hours and 28 minutes.

I should probably use that time to make New Year's Resolutions. Like eat less chocolate.

Anyway, say your New Year's Resolution is to eat more! Or to drink more! Or to entertain more! Well then you're set, because you officially have 2 days left to enter to win Entertaining with Booze! I'll announce a winner on December 31.

Happy Holidazing!

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