Thursday, January 22, 2009

Coffee, Tea or a Vanilla Rooibos Latte

Everyone's talking Obama, but what can I add that's of any news or interest? Nothing, although I loved his speech. So instead, I'm talking tea. Although I didn't make new year's resolutions, one of the deals I made with myself was that I would spend less money on chai lattes at Starbucks and Timothy's, and then, with the extra cash I saved, I could treat myself to say, a massage, a new pair of shoes, or um, a latte at Starbucks. Ha.

And for the first week of the year I did amazingly well. Not one single latte.

And then, I went to Starbucks. And I saw, on the chalkboard, the words: Vanilla Rooibos Latte.

What is that? I thought. Because I LOVE Vanilla and I LOVE non-coffee lattes.

And then, I remembered, a few months ago, while reading Freedom 33.5, which is a blog about a girl who was trying to become debt-free (and has now succeeded. Yay Tammy!), I read a post about the London Fog latte, which at the time she said you had to ask for because it's not actually on the menu.

And then I saw, on that same chalkboard was the London Fog latte, as well as the Berry Chai Infusion (Has anyone tried the Berry Chai? Is it good?) and a few other items. And I was going to order the London Fog, but I really could not pass up the idea of a new vanilla drink, so I ordered the Vanilla Rooibos. And I fell in love. Not more in love than I am with Jason the Bachelor, but definitely more than I did when I had the Timothy's Chai Latte (which is much better than Starbucks, even though it's waaaaay more calories because it's a mix, so it's like having hot chocolate for breakfast. Um, maybe not so nutritious.).
Anyway, I loved the Vanilla Rooibos latte, and how bad could it really be -- it's Vanilla Rooibos tea and milk, right? Except it tastes so good I'm pretty sure there HAS to be something else in it.
So anyway, I could not stop thinking about the Vanilla Rooibos Latte and so the next day I had to have another. And then the third day, well, I had to have another, which meant I was REALLY not doing well on my mission to not spend so much money on lattes. But come on, it's not as though I can buy a pair of shoes for $4, right? (Just FYI, that is ridiculous logic to follow. Don't follow it. Because obviously the point is not to buy a $4 pair of shoes every day instead). But in the moment, I made a deal with myself: I could go to Starbucks, but I was not allowed to order the Vanilla Rooibos a third day in a row. (How is this even a compromise? I'm still spending money!). So then I remembered the London Fog and thought, I should order that, only I didn't remember what Tammy said was in it, and I hate to be disappointed in a beverage.

So I asked the barista: "What's in the London Fog?"

And he said: "Vanilla".

Now, any normal person would've been like "There's Vanilla Rooibos and Vanilla? That seems sort of odd."

But me? No, I just nod and order the London Fog anyway (Side note: Maybe THAT should've been my non-new year's resolution-vow -- asking people questions in my head when I'm too shy to, because clearly the whole "Spending Less at Starbucks and Timothy's resolution is not working out very well).

Anyway, I took one sip of the London Fog and I was like, "This is DEFINITLY not Vanilla." But did I say it out loud? No. Why not? I totally could've gone back to the barista and said, "You said this was vanilla, and it's not."

But anyway, I decide to drink it because it wasn't terrible, it just wasn't vanilla. And for the next twenty minutes I try to figure out what the flavour is, until, hello! I wake up and remember that it's a tea bag in a cup of milk. So I look at the tea bag tag and see that it's Earl Grey tea. Which, had I reconsulted Tammy's blog I would've known.

And I do love Earl Grey. But I do not love the London Fog as much as I love the Vanilla Roibos. I love it so much I want another one now.

I'm telling you. If you try it, you will have an addiction. A $20-a-week addiction. But what I don't understand is WHAT IS IN THIS CUP THAT IS MAKING ME SO ADDICTED? CRACK??

No, it can't be that. Crack is whack. Whitney even said so, remember?

So what is it? Someone, anyone, please tell me!


Denise said...

omg, I love SB chai lattes and Monday I tried the vanilla rooibos. Loved it too!!

suziegardner said...

Starbucks website says that there's also cinnamon and classic syrup inside of your obsession:

Do you have a secret addiction to cinnamon, Chantel? :)

Tina said...

Sorry, but I am still trying to understand why my blood pressure automatically goes up when I just merely see the words Starbucks anywhere - I even went as far as buying shares in the company - and we all know how well that is going!

Alicia said...

Magic. I'm almost positive that's the secret ingredient.

I, too, am terribly addicted to Vanilla Rooibos now. I fully intend to get one on my way to class this evening... because what could possibly make a three hour lecture better than a Venti cup of magic?

Tammy said...

Now I'm going to have to try the Vanilla Rooibos! Especially because my initial enjoyment of the London Fog was short-lived. Upon further tastings it doesn't quite do it for me.
Perhaps I'll have a treat at the airport tomorrow morning... I'll just be sure to pay cash, so I don't rack up more debt!

chantelsimmons said...

Suzie: cinnamon? really? now i feel i have to have another today to confirm this. and what is classic syrup? hmmm...

Tina: maybe if we all buy more lattes, it'll help your stock?

Alicia: magic - yes! that's it! Like Criss Angel in a cup!

Tammy: oh no, Tammy. I fear for you. You are going to try it and love it and then it will all be my fault.

Anonymous said...

Didn't like the Vanilla Rooibos as much as I like the London Fog. Yum.

urbandaddy said...

I know this is an older post but I found it really interesting. My Starbucks had a picture of the Vanilla tea thing and it looked SOOOO yummy, but I hated it. Very disappointed. The next time I went there I told them that and they gave me a coupon for a free drink.

I was going to try the London Fog next, but after hearing what is in it, I'm going to make one at home right now and save the $4.00.

Thanks for the heads up!