Monday, January 26, 2009

Mr. Baz's TV debut

Mr. Baz is going to be a TV star!

This weekend we went to a studio so that Mr. Baz could be a part of a documentary that's going to air on TV in a few months.

What is the name of the documentary?

Cat Ladies.

Only, for some reason, everyone keeps calling it Crazy Cat Ladies.

Which, when my good friend heard about this Crazy Cat Ladies production, tipped off the director of the documentary that she had a friend (me) who may or may not (may) dress up her cat every chance she gets.

That's crazy?! Doesn't everyone dress their cat up at some point?

Apparently not, because Mr. Baz was the final cat of the day, and everyone kept telling me how I was the only one who brought their cat dressed up. The only one? Now that's crazy. To me, at least.

"Is it to keep him warm?" the makeup artist (for me, not Mr. Baz. I'm not that crazy that I'd put eyeliner on him) asked me curiously, eyeing Mr. Baz in his Chinese New Year jacket, while he was still inside his carrying bag.

"Um. No," I said.

Obviously she had not seen Mr. Baz in all his glory because if she had she wouldn't worry about him keeping warm. I mean, he's not exactly petite.

Which, to be honest, was quite evident when I changed him into his Valentine's Day sweater for the camera (Of course he has a Valentine's Day sweater. I mean, am I only supposed to dress him up once a year?! Now that's crazy. Especially when he loves dressing up!). Anyway, his V-day sweater may be more of a belly shirt than a full-on sweater. Which, when everyone saw him in it, made them start laughing and I had to tell Mr. Baz we weren't laughing at him. We were laughing with him, because he's just so cute. He's just not as svelte as he was in his younger days. But who is, really?

Actually, I was a bit concerned that our on-camera time was going to be about two seconds, because all the other women who went before me were apparently telling totally sappy stories about their cats. But I didn't really have any sappy stories to tell, unless I was going to talk about when Mr. Baz had to have an operation on his privates because he had crystals and couldn't pee and he had to stay overnight after the surgery and The Hubs went to visit him and stayed for hours and talked to him and the vet thought we were totally crazy and had to tell us that visiting hours were over and that we should go home and get some rest (even though I'm almost positive they don't even have visiting hours and he was totally making that up). Obviously I wasn't going to tell that story because that would mean talking about Mr. Baz's wee-wee on national television, and that's just not fair to him.

And also, the other women also seemed to talk not only about their cat but about all the cats they'd ever had in their entire lifetime and even cats that aren't theirs, like, their parents' cats or their friends' cats or random cats they see in the street, and I'm really only obsessed with Mr. Baz.

Which may have come out slightly wrong, because when the director asked me why I love all cats so much, I had to say that I don't really like other people's cats and that my friend has a theory about OPB: Other People's Babies and I sort of have the same theory about OPC: Other People's Cats. I mean, I actually find "cat talk" rather boring. Which they thought was totally hilarious. And then I had to beg that they cut that part out, to which the director stopped laughing just long enough to say, "Um. No." And then started laughing again. So, now I'm going to come across as not only crazy but also a jerk. Yikes.


Mel said...

You must tell me when to watch!!!!

Christina C. said...

If this documentary airs on one of those fancy channels (i.e. above channel 27), then I'm TOTALLY springing for the upgrade so I can see this.

BTW -- you'll thank me for this when Mr. Baz starts getting calls from Hollywood studios.