Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's already Wednesday!

I know! This is why you come to this blog -- for breaking news like what day of the week it is!
But really, this is why I love a three-day weekend. Especially one that included both Valentine's Day and Family Day. Although I have to say, calling a holiday FAMILY DAY feels like so much pressure. Like, YOU MUST HANG OUT WITH YOUR FAMILY. Or else. Or else what? What about if your family lives 50,000 miles away? Or in another country? What then? You have to go to work? Or be sad?

And there's so much pressure to do something so extraordinary with your day off. Whereas with say, Easter Monday, well you just eat more chocolate. Or Boxing Day, you shop or play with your Christmas presents.

Anyway, I spent Family Day doing what any faithful Jason-Melissa supporter would do: watching The Bachelor. And screaming at the TV over Molly leaving her bag behind on the date. (It's the same un-reality that The City has. Have any of them ever paid a bill before leaving a restaurant?).

As for V-day, I'm usually not really into the holiday.

It's a little commercial, and I like to show the love on other days of the year instead.

So to make no big deal of the day the Hubs and I made plans with a guy friend to go out for beers (fruity cocktail for me) and ribs (pasta or pizza for me) and a movie (something with guns, martial arts, aliens or all of the above if the boys had their way). But instead, things turned out differently.

Beers (and a fruity cocktail for me)? Check.

Ribs (and poutine for me)? Check.


There's nothing cuter than two boys insisting on seeing a girly movie, just because it's Valentine's Day. (Even if they did have to order a last-minute extra round of beers before we headed to the theatre).

Unfortunately, I was disappointed. I'm not going to spoil the movie if you haven't seen it, but let's just say it was way different than the book. And I really loved the book. I remember laughing on practically every page, and I just didn't laugh that many times in the movie.

After the movie was over and I relayed my disappointment, he said: Did you just not like it because Colin Firth didn't play the boyfriend?

Me: Of course not! (Totally lying).

I mean, of course Colin Firth cannot play the handsome British boyfriend in every movie.

I know that.

I do.

But this guy?

I really just could not believe him as the super-successful, super-refined, super-serious, super-rich love interest.

But this guy....

"Oh Becky Bloomwood! I love you!" Smooch. smooch. smooch. Totally believable.

I'm sorry! Sue me! Yes! I admit it! I wish Colin Firth would've been cast as Luke Brandon. He would've been perfect. (Even if he might very well be twice Isla Fisher's age. Who cares?!) All would've been perfect.

Did you see it? What did you think?


Anonymous said...

Good call on Colin Firth.... I have always pictured Luke Brandon as older but never thought of a good actor. Haven't seen the movie yet.

Alicia said...

Oh Colin Firth... It would be fantastic if he could play the male lead in all romantic movies. He was totally my favourite part of Love Actually.

Seeing Shopaholic tomorrow! I have to admit, though, I haven't read the books, but that may be an advantage...

Anonymous said...

Actually although the movie was nothing like the books I did really like it. Then again I did have to go into the movie telling myself that it was something completely different from the books because I was terrified that it was going to ruin the books for me! Because that always seems to happen to me! It happened with Harry Potter, Harry Potter II, Harry Potter III - so then I had to give up seeing those! Movies just ruin my mental pictures of what the characters and places in books look like.