Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hellooo? Helllooo?

I'm back and before we get into anything, I just have to say that I'm a bit concerned because I just saw the Jonas Brothers movie preview and I sorta want to see the movie.

Oh dear. I don't even know the difference between the three of them, although I did learn when they were on the Ellen Degeneres show that they always have to stand and sit in that order. Which is just too weird, really. But the movie...

It's 3D!!! Can you ever really go wrong with a 3D movie? Actually, yes, and the answer is the Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana movie, which is also coming out very soon, too.

Even if that movie was in 3D I would NOT want to see it (although I DO want this dress. So cute!) And I do sort of want to know the answer to the pressing question: Is this the end of Hannah Montana? Because the movie REALLY makes it seem that way. Like from now on it's going to be all Miley all the time. 

The other question I really want to know the answer to is: What is the crazy dramatic thing that's so crazy and dramatic that they can't even have a studio audience on the After the Final Rose on The Bachelor next week??? Because I cannot reveal my sources (OK I can -- this photographer I know who is so amazing and shoots in NY all the time told me) that apparently....


Jason proposes to Melissa (which actually I already knew because of the crazy Canadian guy who figured it out and posted it on YouTube after the very first episode...note the pinky ring, which Melissa wears) but THEN, you know how after they finish filming and everyone goes back home and has to be quiet and good until the show finishes airing? Well, during that quiet-at-home-by-yourself-being-good-time Jason is not at all home by himself being quiet or being good. Oh no. You know what he's doing? Sneaking off to hook up with Molly! And apparently, she's pregnant! With his child! Out of final rose wedlock! How's that for de-flowering? 

Do we believe it? I don't know what to believe.

One thing I do believe is that I loved Kathy Griffin on Privileged this week!

Seacrest, out!


Anonymous said...

Holy smokes. WOW re: I can't wait for the final rose ceremony to air. Soooo excited

Janine Falcon said...

Damn. Now I regret not watching theBach this season. What a fantastic mess!

The Jonas Brother movie?

I saw Bolt in 3-D and loved it :-) But then, rather than appear in the film, Miley voiced a character and sang on the soundtrack. What is it with her and 3-D?

claudia, vintage muse. said...

*sigh* this is the thing about reality tv, one minute you're asking people to explain what the bachelor IS, the next you're having severe distaste for molly. how does this happen?