Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Reality recap

So last night, of course, was The Bachelor season final. Don't deny it - you watched. You're not alone: 15.5 million people watched - the highest in Bachelor finale history. I watched, and so did The Hubs. He called me last night to ask if I wanted to go out for dinner and before I could answer, added "Don't worry. I know you have to be home by 8." 

When we got home, he announced as we entered our lobby, to our concierge: "Bachelor Finale!" I could've died. I guess it's proof that a bottle of wine will make anybody excited about Jason, Molly & Melissa. 

I wanted to hate Jason for what he did, but then I read in People that he wanted to break up with her weeks ago, but the show wouldn't let him, because in his contract, he must appear on After the Final Rose and any development in his relationship - whether good or bad - must be revealed on the show. So he didn't really have a choice. 

Then, he went on Jimmy Kimmel right after (which was awesome, right from the opening, when Jimmy gives his final rose to Donnie Wahlberg (of NKOTB, of course), then retracts it and chooses Joe instead). And on the show he explained that he knows everyone hates him for doing what he did, but it's his life and he can't stay with Melissa just because we want him to. Which is true. Anyway, Molly's more interesting and has cute outfits and a real job. Although, during the montage of all the Molly/Jason dates this season, The Hubs turned to me and pointed out:

"She wears a lot of scarves. Maybe she's not a very good department store buyer and so she has to wear all the merchandise that doesn't sell." 

I liked that he was giving it so much thought. That's what I look for in a Bachelor-viewing mate.

Anyway, this was the best part of the Jimmy interview:

Jimmy: So now you're with Molly.
Jason: Yes.
Jimmy: You're really with her? Or tomorrow night is there going to be another special and we find something else weird out? Do you have the numbers of all the contestants in case you change your mind again?

Hilarious. Here's the whole interview if you, like me, feel the need to watch every single interview with Jason this week:

In other real reality, how much do you love the story of the real-life mermaid

Speaking of people with disabilities, there's this cute couple who are blind and have seeing eye-dogs. I pass them at least weekly when I'm walking in my neighbourhood. But yesterday, I saw them and they were just walking. Holding hands. No dogs! What does this mean? They can see? 
I was so excited that I wanted to clap and hug them, but then I thought that if they're still blind and have just somehow memorized their walk on Yonge Street, they might be alarmed by some random stranger they can't see mauling them with happiness. And then I'd feel horrible if they were still blind. Maybe the dogs had the day off? Who knows. 

Finally, in my own reality of bringing my fictional characters to life, I have an official pub month for my next book: Love Struck. It will be out next February! Just in time for Valentine's Day. Or anti-Valentine's day. Whichever you celebrate! Either way, we've got a whole year of events, contests and giveaways lined up in anticipation, so all you need to know is that if you check back here often, you'll get free stuff from me!

And now...only 6.5 hours until we find out who the next Bachelorette is! And then, we will officially move on to talking about something else. Promise.

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