Thursday, March 19, 2009

East Side Story

As part of the magazine program I teach at a college on the Danforth, the students create two issues of a magazine called On the Danforth (you have to admire a magazine name that actually makes sense). I'm not sure exactly when this magazine gets made because as far as I see, the students spend all their time going to class, doing assignments without complaining, having part-time jobs, doing free internships, watching ANTM, ProRun and a whole host of other reality TV shows. I assumed they also slept at some point, but now I think perhaps not. When you're that busy, something has to give. Because somehow, between all that, they create two very impressive magazines, all on their own. After reading both issues cover to cover, I realized that I may be their teacher now, but I will likely be working for some of them in the very near future. This made me feel two things: proud -- even though I really can take no credit -- and like maybe I'm not that old after all? Hmm... maybe that's a stretch.

In any case, one of the girls in the class had read Stuck in Downward Dog and because it's set on the Danforth, she asked if I would be featured on their back page. How flattering! She interviewed me, and then she and her classmates set up a very professional photo shoot, complete with makeup artist. It ended up being one of the best makeup applications I've ever had, and I love the photo -- I'm not sure how much photoshopping went on but I'll take it, thank you, girls!


katharine watts said...


claudia, vintage muse. said...

very minimal photoshopping. please.

you can see the photographer's work here

we're glad you like the mags, thanks so much for agreeing to be on our back page :) and you should be proud because you taught us so much in a short time.