Sunday, May 10, 2009

The evolution of the Trekkie

This weekend, I boldly went where I have never gone before.

To a Star Trek movie.

I spent all of Saturday doing the final* edits on Love Struck...

*Note: When I say "final" I mean, final until this week when I read it over one last time. And then send it to my editor and agent. And then they read it. And then I go to the next round of edits. But that is not for many, MANY weeks, and that is what I'm focusing on.

....and getting so excited every time I heard another clap of thunder because it meant I wasn't missing out on a sunny Saturday, stuck inside with my computer. I'm so selfish, I know.

To make me feel better, The Hubs did work too, because there's nothing like working while someone else is eating ice cream sandwiches and dancing in the living room.

Then, when I finished, he said I could choose whichever movie I wanted to see.**

**I'm pretty sure when he said "whichever" he did not really mean 17 Again, although he did tell me where it was playing. But I'm not that terrible.

Instead, I chose Star Trek. I really never imagined the day that I would see a Star Trek movie a) in a theatre and b) without complaining.

But that's what happens when J.J. Abrams makes a film with hot guys. It may be one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. I know you think I'm kidding right now, but I'm not. If J.J. had been around 30 years ago, maybe we'd all be Trekkies.

Now that the movie is over, I'm a little bit obsessed with the Star Trek the Movie website,
where you can upload a picture of yourself and turn into a Romulan or a Captain or an Officer, or my personal favourite, a Vulcan. You can also record yourself saying any phrase you like in Vulcan voice! I would show you but everytime I try to embed myself saying Live Long and Eat Cupcakes in my fab bowl cut, it crashes my browser. Oh well. Go beam yourself into the website so you can be a Vulcan too.

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