Friday, May 22, 2009

College Humor

Last night I was at an event where I was playing wing-girl to my friend who liked one of two guys. She talked to the one she liked, and the other guy (who was actually the one who liked her), got stuck talking to me, the married girl. Nothing sucks more than getting stuck talking to a girl who's happily hitched, while your friend hits on the girl you like. At least it was open bar.

Anyway, he sold ads for! So even if he had a crappy time, I got to the bottom of this mystery! Do you know this website?

I discovered the show on MuchMusic a while ago, and am now addicted to it. It's hilarious, but I just assumed that the premise (a bunch of kids started the website to make beer money in college, and then turned the gig into a full-time business) was fake. Then I found the website, and it looked far too complex to be a fake site for the show. Then, I met the guy last night who confirmed it's for real! They did start this website and then it turned into a job and now that's where they all work, and now they get to star in the scripted TV show.

Just call me Nancy Drew.

Or maybe you already knew all that.

If you didn't, here's a clip to get you addicted too.

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Alicia said...

Love College Humor! Have you seen the "Real Life Twitter" video? It's awesome!