Friday, May 1, 2009

Hot Docs: Cat Ladies & Mr. Baz's big-screen debut!

Tonight's the night! Mr. Baz is making his big screen debut in the closing credits of Cat Ladies, a documentary that's part of Hot Docs. Months ago, you might remember me blogging about Mr. Baz's experience filming for the documentary; at the time I just assumed the film would air on TV. But then it got accepted to Hot Docs and THEN, the other day OPRAH'S PEOPLE CALLED.



Apparently she's doing a show on documentaries. Could you even imagine if she talked about the Cat Ladies on her show? And what if she needed one of the cats to come? Sure, Mr. Baz isn't the star of the film (which follows women who have hundreds of cats), but he's the comic relief! And he dressed up! Surely she would want him to sit on her couch, wouldn't she?

I would even put him in a tutu, so he'd look pretty.

Compared to this...

...Mr. Baz would look so well-behaved!

Now, aren't you dying to see Cat Ladies? Well you can! Here's the sked:

Tonight, 6:30 pm at the Cumberland: Rush tickets only
Saturday, May 9, 9:45 pm at The Royal: Rush tickets only
Sunday, May 10, 9 pm at the Cumberland: Advance tickets still available.

And now... I'll leave you with this (Mr. Baz is not in this clip. You have to buy a ticket to see him!):

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