Friday, June 12, 2009

Shark attack!

Don't worry. It wasn't me. (Not surprisingly, when you live near an unswimable lake, not an ocean...). Still...

I'm obsessed with sharks. And the Hubs is convinced we're going to get eaten by them.

If we have kids, it's going to make for some interesting bedtime stories. The other night we went to a wine tasting from South Africa, to prep for our vacation to South Africa later this year. A woman at our table was telling us how it's the best place to do shark dives (in a cage, however). You TOTALLY cannot go into the water by yourself, with just a wetsuit, unless you are crazy or want to get eaten.

But the Hubs was like "No one's going in a cage."

I was like "I'm TOTALLY going in a cage!"

The Hubs looked at me like I just admitted to liking sardines. Seriously, who likes sardines? Not me.

I get the risk. You could do everything you're supposed to do, but the shark could still eat you.

But if you go skydiving, the shoot could not open, and the ground would break you.

If you go ziplining, the zipline could break, and a tree could break you. So is it really all that different?

On the way home, I was thinking to myself how I still have a few months and can totally convince The Hubs that it's going to be fine for me to go in the cage.

Then we got home and as were both on our laptops, and I saw the main story on my home page: Shark-infested beaches of the world.

Of course, I gasped, then quickly closed the screen. Too late.

Unfortunately, The Hubs had the same home page.

He: "I saw it."

Me: "I'm sure South Africa isn't even on the list."

He: "It's Number 1."

Me: "Oh."

He: "You're not going."

Me: "But why?"

He: "Because I like you. I would like to keep you."

Hmph. How can I argue with that?

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