Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Baby news!

That's right... it's baby time! In the past two weeks, three of my friends have had babies! Don't worry, this wasn't a surprise to any of them. They all had babies inside of them, for nine months, so they were well-prepared that one day the baby was going to decide to come out and say hello. Actually, did you know that if you're pregnant, it's actually 38 weeks, which is more like 9 1/2 months? But we all just say 9 months. I suppose if you were carrying an extra 60 pounds around, you'd rather just hear 9 months, too, because 9 1/2 months is a long time. Oh, wait, apparently, according to Google, you're only supposed to gain 25-35 pounds, but whatever. If I was pregnant I'd totally gain 60 pounds, because if you're going to do it, why not do it all the way? I mean, it's the one chance to eat ice cream whenever you want, besides your birthday.

So aside from the fact that all three babies were born within a few days of eachother, they were also ALL BOYS! Luckily for me, they all have different names. Because imagine if they'd all been named Omar? And I'd have to remember which one was which? Would I say Omar I, Omar II, and Omar III, based on their date of births? Actually, come to think of it, maybe I wouldn't have to differentiate. I'd just buy three identical prezzies, write Omar on each card and I'd be set to go. But that's not really fair, because they're all individual, and I'm sure that Omar I might like toy cars but Omar II might prefer soccer balls and Omar III might like manicures. (I'm just saying.) So then Omar III would be really pissed off to get a Hot Wheels car instead of a Hot Paraffin Mani, right? So actually, it's probably better that each of them has a very different name, so that I can remember that...

Balthazar likes Blue's Clues ...

and Salarino likes Spiderman ...

and MacDuff likes the Muppets.

Hmm.. why are all my fake baby names Shakespearean characters? And also, why do all their favourite superheroes and cartoon characters start with the same initial as their first name? Maybe it's because I LIKED characters that started with the same initial as my name.

Care Bears? Check.

Cabbage Patch Kids? Check.

Strawberry Shortcake...

Okay scratch that theory. The new babies can like whatever they like because they're going to be each very unique and so fun to play with. You know why? Because they're all PISCES!! And you can't go wrong with a Pisces. They're sensitive, empathetic, and caring. The down side to all the mushy-feeliness is that they're criers. So just to be sure that the babies were TRUE Pisces (because as I'm sure you know, if you're born on the cusp, then you could ACTUALLY be another sign, like Aquarius or Aries, both of which are NOTHING like Pisces) I asked my three friends if each of their babies were crying a lot, and they ALL said YES!

Yes! So they're all Pisces. Just like me.

And speaking of new babies, my new cover arrived this week! The labour was intense, and lasted several WEEKS, but it wasn't too painful (I hope!) and the new cover was and is super cute (just like all babies should be).

Ta da!

And now, because of all the great news, I'm going to go eat some ice cream.

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