Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Babies, babies, everywhere!

About a month ago, I blogged about three of my friends having their first babies within the same week - and they were all boys. And they all had the same name. Okay they didn't, but it would've been funnier if they did.

Then, last week I emailed my friend "Brooklyn" who lives in New York to see if we could get together when I'd be in the city. She said we could, but it would have to be in the exclusive St. Luke's Hospital, since she was having her baby the day I arrived and would be in the hospital for the remainder of my stay. Don't you just love a planned C-section? It's perfect! I'd know exactly where to find her and I could see her pre-baby, mid-baby or post-baby just by telling her what time I was arriving. So we made a plan (I opted for post-baby), only yesterday I got an email saying she had the baby already. But thankfully, he's perfectly healthy, just two weeks early. So I guess it just proves that you really can't plan everything, even in a day and age when you really can plan everything in life.

Of course, every time one of my friends has a baby, all the other pregnant friends email to ask how many hours the new mom was in labour. They all seem to have a theory that if Mom A pushed for 48 hours, then maybe Mom B is off the hook and will get a 10-minute push. I'm not sure it works that way, but for some reason everytime I report back about an easy labour, none of the pregnant moms-to-be seem very pleased, as though they've just been sentenced to The Worst Labour Term Ever: To Infinity and Beyond!

If this is your theory, though, then maybe you need to not ask me for a report because so far, every girl I know has had a fairly easy labour. (You know, as easy as it is to carry a watermelon around for ten months and then push it out.)

In other babies-in-the-making news, two more friends are pregnant, and today, my favourite teen author, Sarah Dessen, revealed a secret ! Congratulations, Sarah!

It must be something in the water. Or the watermelons. I was discussing this phenomenon of babies being made at an alarmingly fast pace with a friend today and asking her if she thought it was in the water. Or the watermelons.

No, she said. It's that you're 31.

Another Nancy Drew Mystery solved!

PS: my first review is in and it's a good one! Thanks to Lipstick Lolita at the new and super addictive Slice.ca for the mention! Now, I just hope that doesn't mean the next one will be bad.

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dear lord.

your blog is magnificent!

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