Monday, April 9, 2007

The Sewing Studio Open House - in 2 days!

When I was a young girl, I could not sew. Oh, I could sew by hand, but put me in front of a machine and all I'd do is get the thread all jumbled up and jammed, and then I'd become incredibly frustrated and resort to completing my
Banana Split Pillow by hand.

Until a few years ago when Sew-Cute Sewy Seamstress taught me how to sew. And now, she's having an open house tomorrow night to show off her brand new fabulous sewing studio where she'll be offering all classes all the time! (It's like Rogers On Demand only you sew instead of watching movies you sew and go home feeling accomplished and crafty, and who doesn't want to feel crafty?). Still not convinced? I've crafted a Top 10 List of reasons why you should come to The Sewing Studio's open house this Wednesday (you know, if you live in Toronto):

1. You can sew a super cute TOP SECRET project only to be announced when you get to the studio!
2. Don't know how to use a sewing machine? You don't need one to make the free, fabulous TOP SECRET project!
3. Chocolate, cupcakes, candy. If I know Sew-Cute Sewy Seamstress, she'll have the goods.
4. Don't know how to sew? Sign up for one of the new classes so you can learn how to sew!
5. See cool projects by former students (and think, hey, if they can do that, maybe I can do that, too!)
6. Meet cool girls who like to sew (or pretend they like to sew even if they're not very good at it).
7. Gift bags!!! With lots of presents inside! Free!
8. A chance to win fabulous trips and prizes. Okay, maybe just prizes. It's not the Price Is Right after all.
9. A chance to win a yoga mat bag (made by me!) and a copy of Stuck in Downward Dog.
10. Don't live in Toronto? Then re-read incentives #1-9 for all the reasons you should COME to Toronto tomorrow night!

Here are the details! Hope you can come!

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